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Selecting the RIGHT Real Estate Agent to Sell your property.

Important questions to consider...
  1. What do you know about your agent?

  2. Where do buyers come from?

  3. How will a person find your property?

  4. How will your property be marketed?

  5. Why is that style of marketing best for your property?

  6. What are the internet & e-mail capabilities of your agency?

  7. What are the local, Australia wide and International capabilities of your agency?

  8. Does the sales person and agency have the support of a large network?

  9. Does your agency know their office, sales listing and agency agreement statistics?

  10. How will the right buyers be found and how will the highest price be achieved?

  11. Are you locked into an agent even if they aren't doing the right job?

  12. What happens when a buyer looks through your property?

  13. How long does it take to get a property on the market?

  14. What are the next steps?
Choosing the right Agent could EARN you THOUSANDS of Dollar$

Top tips for selling your house

Source: A Current Affair website�.

Information in this fact sheet has been sourced from Ray Wood's book How to Sell Your Home for More.

  • The owner should not be present during an inspection. The owner's presence may prevent a buyer from asking a question for fear of offending the owner. If you have faith in the agent handling things for you, it's better to leave and let them do their job.

  • There is no second chance at a first impression. The moment a buyer enters your property, a positive or negative thought will dominate. This is of major importance when it comes to influencing a buyer's opinion.

  • Your home contents insurance will probably not cover theft during an open for inspection. Will your firm guarantee against any loss?

  • Ask your agent if they'd be prepared to give you the names and phone numbers of the last 20 sellers handled by your firm?

  • When a property is sold by auction there is no way to guarantee the purchaser has paid the highest price. In many cases the only person who has been forced to pay the highest price is the losing bidder.

  • Don't confuse the number of people who look at your property with real buyer interest. Filling your home with "lookers" at an open house is easy. Organising a private appointment with a qualified buyer takes skill and expertise.

  • When you list your property for sale, you expect someone will fall in love with it the same way that you did. But this doesn't always happen quickly. Keep in mind the number of homes you looked at before you bought.

Our figures show it takes 10 potential buyers to purchase a home... how long it takes to find these 10 buyers greatly depends on how the property is marketed and the type of buyers that are around in the time frame the property is on the market.

Pricing Your Property to Sell

While our commitment to you as your agent is to provide you with a current market estimate and ensure the highest possible sale price is achieved for your property it is the buyer who will utltimately determine your
"True Market Value"

Establishing a Realistic Selling Price...

Perhaps the most important question facing you is the price you should ask for your property. You certainly do not want to sell too cheaply, nor do you want to prevent it from being sold by overpricing.

Points to consider:

In simple terms, the price your property will sell for is determined by what someone is prepared to pay. This is determined by recent sales in the area, your competition properties currently for sale and the way your property is marketed. Ultimately, the end result is determined by how well your chosen agent uses his/her resources and skills in maximising the price achieved for your property, with consideration of your requirements with respect of time frame and risk. Sometimes fixing a price can also limit the maximum price achievable.

Overpricing is the surest way to kill a sale because the majority of buyers are afraid to make an offer which is too far away from the asking price. Properties that sell quickest are usually those listed close to the market price. Overpriced properties remain on the market for a long time usually only sell when there has been a substantial reduction on their price.

As professional Real Estate Agent's we continually negotiate on a daily basis, 7 days a week. Every sale price of every property that we have successfully sold has been determined by the buyer, and therefore the buyer will ultimately determine your "true market value". Again, having the right Real Estate Agent there negotiating on your best behalf is vital.

Our role as your agent is to provide you with a current market estimate, not a valuation. This is done by researching the activity of recent sales in your area and also taking into consideration your competition properties currently on the market for sale.

Selecting the Correct Method of Sale for YOUR Property

With The Dianne Lee Team we believe in providing our clients with the choice when it comes to selecting a method of sale that will best suit both the property and the client's requirements.

Traditional Method of Sale

The Traditional Sale is also referred to and known as "Private Treaty" and is a commonly used method of sale in the residential market. We understand that people are generally more comfortable with this method of sale. In most cases a fixed priced advertised to the market allowing a negotiation process to determine the sales price and sale conditions.

Sale by Auction

Sale by Auction is a method where the property is introduced to buyers who then provide feedback of the sale price that reflects the current market value. The auction method is a 3 step selling process and the property may sell prior to the auction, on auction day or in the weeks after the auction.

Open Listings

There are no advantages for anybody in an open listing. Good agents focus on selling the properties exclusively listed with them. Typically open listing will miss out on "hot buyers". You want one good agent committed 100% to selling your property, not three or four who "will keep it in mind".

Agents who do take on open listings usually do so because they have only a few clients. This is most often a reflection of their poor sales success, reputation in the marketplace and their lack of strong negotiating skills. Typically these below par agents work for the buyer to get a sale at all costs rather than working for you to get the best price. Hardly the person to be negotiating on your behalf!

The same with Agents that discount on commission or pay for the advertising
Penny wise pound foolish

Advertising Schedule

The Cairns Post Advertising

As we strive to save you money we only ask you to advertise as necessary. To target the best audience to maximise the outcome in selling your property advertising may be needed for promotion. Our company has an account with the paper and receives discounts for advertising. We pass this special price on to you and to keep the prices low the paper requires payment prior to print. If your property is sold prior to advertising booking conformation (Wednesday prior to Saturday Publication) then you will not be required to proceed with that particular weeks ad.. and no unnecessary cost. � We look after you�.

Free of Charge

The following additional advertising is provided free of charge

  • Design and Produce
    • Buyer Inspection Booklet
    • Weekly electronic newsletter to buyers and clients
    • ebrochure of your property
  • 100 "Just Listed" brochure designed and distribution
  • Window Card
  • Cairns Post Editorial (on Availability)
  • Open for Inspection (when & if required)
  • Standard "For Sale" Sign
  • Property Photography
  • Internet listing on major sites and links to many, many other smaller ones such as Westpac Bank (over one mill hits daily) also over one mill� etc.
  • Property owner searches
  • Office Administration

What Others Have to Say

"I ask my clients to write or email me, and tell me truthfully how they appreciated my service to them. Their feedback is so important to continuously improve my business! Here are a few highlights of what my clients are saying about me..."

I had a good feeling about Dianne right from our first meeting. My first impression of her was correct, she was very professional at all times. I was well informed and never had to worry about "what now". I was actually a bit nervous in selling my home as I had heard some horror stories from friends selling through other agents, but I have nothing but praise for Dianne, Thank you, I am very happy.

- Fran Martinovic

Thank you Dianne. We really appreciated your awesome service and advice in selling our home. Not only did you sell it at a price we were very happy with but you also sold it quickly. My wife and I have since praised and recommended you to a friend and a work colleague and will do so again in the future. Keep up the good work.

- Carmine and Sheree Parlapiano

Dianne was organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever was needed to get my home sold quickly and at a price I was happy with. Her cooperative attitude and good cheer were important and appreciated. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Dianne deserves serious consideration as a reliable Real Estate Agent. I would be very happy to call upon her in the future should I wish to sell again and I have already recommended her to some of my colleagues who have now listed properties with her.

- Jamie McAlister

Dianne has sold two properties for us. So we would not hesitate to recommend Dianne Lee to anyone considering selling a property. Dianne recently sold our property within weeks of listing it with her. We feel this was due to her very enthusiastic and professional service. Contact by Dianne on the phone kept us very well informed with how things were progressing. Nothing was too much trouble for her and selling our property was a stress free and exciting experience. Thanks again Dianne.

- Michael and Kellee Martorella

I bought and sold a home through Dianne. I was very impressed by Dianne's commitment in selling my home. I entrusted Dianne with not only selling my home quickly but also with obtaining a price that I was happy with. I was not let down on either accounts. I certainly believe that she has what it takes to make, what could possibly be, a stressful time a much more satisfying journey in buying or selling Real Estate. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Dianne to any of my friends and family that are thinking about buying or selling property in the near future.

- Sonya Kelb

Dianne always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower in the field of Real Estate. Her good judgment and experienced outlook ensured a stress free and smooth transaction in selling our home for us, quickly and at a price I was more than happy with. Dianne would be an asset to any person wishing to sell or buy a home, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

- Deborah Davis

Dianne was recommended to me by a colleague and I will certainly be recommending her to anyone I come across looking for an agent. Her efficiency and professionalism made selling our house hassle-free and there was never any doubt that our best-interests were a priority. In a world where poor service is so common it is good to know that first class service still exists. Thank you Dianne.

- Jason O'Donnell

Your home is one of the biggest negotiations of your life. Mistakes can be extremely costly. How good is the agent representing YOU at the negotiating table?

Behind the Scenes
In a VERY Tiny Nutshell

As your sales agent responsible for the sale of your property it is vital that the correct sales and agency procedures and systems are in place to ensure there is a high level of exposure, marketing, presentation, administration, negotiation, follow-up and management from listing your property, selling your property then through to and beyond a successful settlement.

  • Property listing and sale running check list

  • Detailed Property Information List

  • Property Photography

  • Development of Selling Plan

  • Preliminary Ownership Searches with encumbrances

    • Owner needs to confirm all encumbrances

  • Agent Office 2000 database

    • Sellers details

    • Action items

    • Buyer details

    • follow up schedules

  • Database Review of Potential Buyers

  • For Sale sign order and assembled on site

  • Just Listed Flyer Distribution

  • Designing and Write up for Buyer Information Booklet

  • Designing Advertisements & Submission

  • Editorial Write up, Design & Submission

  • Completion of Required Statutory Declarations

  • Open for Inspection Attendance

    • Buyer details and comments

    • Follow up

  • Property photo sized and designing for

    • The Cairns Post (Realtor),

    • Brochures & Booklets

    • EMarketing internet sites.

  • Drawing up of Contracts ready for offer

    • Completion of Contract of offer for buyer

    • Negotiating Sale

    • Presentation of offer to Seller

  • Complete Administration form of the sale

    • Diarise vital dates to follow up

    • Co-ordinate Building & Pest Inspections

    • Co-ordinate Valuations

    • Property Settlement administration

    • And handover�

All this and more is provided by The Dianne Lee Team Free of Charge until the property is sold� we are only paid AFTER you are paid

Systems and procedures as well as the professionalism of The Dianne Lee Team of are a vital key to the sale and successful settlement of your property.

Everyone offers it - few deliver it

Every client and their properties have different requirements and therefore it is important to fully understand and select the correct method of sale for your property.

for taking the time to get to know the advantages of listing with us

During the process of marketing a property, communication is extremely important, and therefore should you decide to employ our professional services we look forward to providing you with an outstanding level of customer service while keeping you well informed of all progress in relation to the successful sale of your property.

This presentation has been designed to help you with one important decision�

Our concern is your satisfaction!

The Dianne Lee team... You're in good hands