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To lead, promote, develop, service and manage with integrity real estate in Cairns, putting our client's best interest first EVERY time.


  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Persistence
  • Honesty
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Courtesy to our fellow worker
  • Professional growth

At Cairns Real Estate Solutions we value:
  • Act with honesty, integrity and courage, demonstrating equality, and fairness in our decision making;
  • Respect ourselves and others;
  • Act in the best interest of real estate through consultation with our peers;
  • Play a leading role in salesmanship life, promoting good ethical real estate transactions with integrity
  • Work as a team to set and achieve our goals,
  • Promote empowerment, personal development, and continual learning;
  • Recognize the achievements of all of our staff;
  • Be responsible and accept accountability for our actions.


All personnel in this company are expected to maintain a high level of courtesy and ethics to everyone that has dealings with them and they must comply with the code of professional conduct set down in the PAMD Act.


  • To deliver superior service to our clients
  • To be the number one office in our marketplace
  • To stay number one
  • To stay in front of our competitors
Our goals will be realized through total commitment and loyalty to our Clients and colleagues


Cairns Real Estate Solutions will provide leadership, integrity and accountability through responsible progressive governance; sustain excellence in Real Estate Sales and Management, deliver quality services, and engage in dynamic partnerships with our clients, customers and team members.